Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale

Guardians Of The Galaxy Telltale: In its first episode, Telltale’s new Guardians of the Galaxy game features much of what you’d expect from an adventure starring the sci-fi superhero group. There are retrofuturistic spaceships gliding across colorful skies, mysterious ancient weapons with the potential to enslave the universe, and Star-Lord in a leather jacket dancing to Hall & Oates. It’s the same blend of adventure, humor, and classic sci-fi style that made the first movie a breakout hit, and the game has it in abundance. The experience excels when it emulates the movie — but largely falls flat when it puts you in control.

From the very beginning, the game wants you to know the Guardians are like a family. They care for each other, they laugh together, and boy do they fight. The first episode, called “Tangled Up in Blue,” opens with the team responding a distress beacon from the Nova Corps — essentially a police force in space — after an attack from the supervillain Thanos. Star-Lord agrees to help (while moonwalking in his bedroom), and the ensuing battle mostly involves the Guardians’ ship being pummeled by enemy fire. While their craft is about to be blown out of the sky, the five heroes spend as much time bickering among themselves as they do fending off the onslaught. That’s how you know they’re really close.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale

Telltale Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is developed by Telltale Games, and much like the studio’s previous work — which includes series like The Walking DeadBatman, and Minecraft: Story Mode — it plays out as an interactive drama. Much of the time you’re watching events unfold, but the story is broken up by dialogue selection and action sequences. The most important part, though, is the focus on choice. At various points in each episode you’ll need to make critical decisions that help shape how the story plays out. When done right, this combination of elements can make for some striking and memorable games. This was especially true with series like the gritty crime drama The Wolf Among Us and Telltale’s excellent take on Batman. But in “Tangled Up in Blue,” not all of the parts are as strong as the rest.

The game especially falters when it gets away from its interactive drama core. After the initial space battle, the Guardians crash among the ruins of an alien planet. Playing as Star-Lord, you first need to find a path through the ruins, before locating Thanos who is presumably up to no good somewhere deep inside the abandoned temple. None of this is enjoyable. There’s an investigation scene, which involves searching the corpses of the fallen Nova Corps in order to find a security code. This is followed by what should be an intense encounter with Thanos himself. You control all five members of the crew as they brawl with the brawny titan; Star-Lord fires his dual pistols, Rocket ducks behind cover, while Gamora swings blades with ninja-like efficiency.

It looks cool, but when you play it the action set-piece is devoid of any sense of danger or excitement. Instead, it’s a series of not-especially-engaging button prompts, where you’re hitting buttons as they flash on-screen. These kinds of sequences — known as quick-time events — are common in Telltale games, but they’re usually short and dramatic, forcing you to make quick, surprise decisions. In the prolonged battles in “Tangled Up in Blue,” these scenarios are drawn out and tedious. Of course Telltale games don’t have to rely on action — Batman featured clever and detailed investigative scenes, with lots of clues to gather and gadgets to use. In Guardians, similar sequences just feels like you’re wandering around looking for dead bodies in search of clues.

The underwhelming action is especially disappointing because the rest of the experience is so solid. The writing really nails the Guardians vibe, striking a steady balance between heartwarming adventure and copious amounts of jokes. You’ll see a hungover Groot, read emails from Howard the Duck, and spend time in a sketchy alien bar. As Star-Lord, one of your main responsibilities is keeping the group together. The choices you make aren’t as dire as in, say, The Walking Dead, where you’re often forced to decide who lives or dies with the clock ticking down. Here you’ll have to make choices that will ultimately anger one guardian and please another. Deciding whether to sell a precious relic to a criminal or turn it into the authorities is, presumably, a choice that will have larger ramifications later on in the series.

“Tangled Up in Blue” is just the first of five episodes, so there’s time for the studio to turn things around. But the series’s debut gets off to a shaky start. The aspects that differentiate it from the many Guardians comics and other stories out there are unfortunately the weakest parts of the experience. The humor and story are spot on — now the game needs to follow suit.

Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy is not set in the Movie or Comic Universe. Telltale surprised everyone when they revealed that their Marvel teamup was going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy game. … The answer is that Marvel is allowing Telltale to craft their own version of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe.

Nolan North

Instead, it has Nolan North! North, famous for playing Nathan Drake and all the other video game characters Troy Baker doesn’t play, plays Rocket in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, due out this spring.

Telltale has confirmed that the second episode in Guardians of the Galaxy, “Under Pressure,” will be released on June 6, 2017.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Telltale Series

On the outskirts of a long abandoned planet, the Guardians receive a call from the Nova Corps asking them to help defeat Thanos (Jake Hart). After being shot down by the mad titan’s ship, they arrive at a Kree outpost where they find him in the lower section of the building, the Nova Corps having been killed during the battle. In the lower section of the building, Thanos finds an artifact called the Eternity Forge and claims it for his own. The Guardians engage him in battle, ending with Star-Lord/Peter Quill (Scott Porter) killing him with a weapon created by Rocket (Nolan North). They celebrate at Knowhere, where several members of the team consider leaving.

The following morning, they wake up to find that they are in debt of a large bar tab. After deciding to sell Thanos’ body to either the Nova Corps or the Collector, Peter considers also handing over the Eternity Forge, but decides to keep it after witnessing a flashback with his mother (Courtenay Taylor). After handing the body over, the Guardians are attacked by Kree forces led by Hala the Accuser (Faye Kingslee). After she steals the Eternity Forge away from them, Peter chases after her, with either Gamora (Emily O’Brien) or Drax (Brandon Paul Elis). On board, they discover the bodies of thousands of Kree soldiers and learn that Hala intends to resurrect them and her son, Bal-Dinn (Johnny Yong Bosch). She mortally wounds Star-Lord, but he and his partner escapes with the Forge when the other Guardians arrive. Making it on board, Peter dies from his injuries, only to be brought back to life by the Forge.

Not knowing what to do with it, they visit Yondu (Mark Barbolak), a former space-pirate and the man who raised Peter Quill after his mother’s death, to help repair the ship. Whilst holding the Forge together, they share a vision where Meredith tells Peter to find her whilst Ancient Kree appears on the Forge. After finishing repairs on the ship, Gamora suggests that they find her adopted sister Nebula (Ashly Burch), who has knowledge on Ancient Kree and is currently attacking the chosen seller for Thanos’ body. However, Rocket, now knowing about the Forge’s resurrection powers, asks Peter to travel to Halfworld and resurrect his deceased friend, Lylla (Fryda Wolff). Regardless of the choice, the group capture Nebula and discover that it cannot resurrect Lylla, but will result in Thanos’ corpse being lost if the latter is chosen.

Nebula provides them with the translation, leading them back to the temple where they discovered the Forge. Reinvestigating the site, they discover the location of “Meredith” is a planet called Emnios and that the Forge is only at its minimum capacity, explaining why it didn’t resurrect Lylla. After another battle with Hala and her forces, they arrive at the planet, where they find what seems to be the area where Peter grew up. After Peter breaks Gamora out of a flashback of when Nebula seemingly betrayed and almost killed her, which resulted in the constant tension between the two sisters, they enter the temple and discover the person sending the messages, Mantis (Sumalee Montano). An empath, she has been using Peter’s memories to bring him to the temple and free her, so that she could guide him on how he used the Eternity Forge. Mantis further explains that the Forge has the powers to control life-energy, allowing the user to control death and bring back the dead. Having been charged by the Kree to be kept away until a person called the “Celestial One” had discovered her, Mantis is meant to lead the person to the means of either empowering or destroying the Forge.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Telltale Episode 2

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series delivers a brand new story of the universe’s unlikeliest heroes, the rag-tag band of outlaws who go by the names Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot. In the wake of an epic battle, the Guardians discover an artifact of unspeakable power.
From Earth to the Milano to Knowhere and beyond, and set to the beat of awesome music, this five-part episodic series puts you in the rocket-powered boots of Star-Lord in an original Guardians adventure, told in the unique and award-winning Telltale style, where your decisions and actions will drive the path of the story you experience.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy The Telltale Series

Though split on what they should do with it, the Guardians agree to let Mantis guide them to the final temple. While trying to resolve conflict within the group, Peter uses Mantis’ powers to see Gamora’s flashback from earlier from Nebula’ s perspective and thus discovers that, rather than trying to take Gamora’s place at Thanos’ side, Nebula was instead forced to fake Gamora’s death in front of Thanos, otherwise he would have done something far worse to her, as he didn’t find any use in Gamora anymore; this results in another hated argument between the two sisters, during which Nebula either reconciles with Gamora and is convinced to join the Guardians, or leaves. Regardless, Mantis guides the group to the temple, where they discover the device that can empower or destroy the forge. After managing to activate it, Peter decides the Forge’s fate, during which Hala and her forces attempt to retrieve it; if Nebula was convinced to remain with the Guardians, she helps them out during the battle and is severely injured by Hala while trying to save Gamora. Depending on the chosen fate of the Eternity Forge, Hala either resurrects Bal-Dinn with the empowered Forge, or is severely burned when it is destroyed but manages to absorb its powers.

After being thrown to the lower levels of the temple by Hala, the team escape, though are attacked by many rock worms. After Peter witnesses a flashback of Drax’s final moments with his daughter Kamaria, the group make it back to the Milano, but are swallowed by a giant worm and trapped in the creature’s stomach, where they have the option to adopt a younger worm that they find (also, if Nebula was injured earlier during the battle with Hala’s forces, she dies of her injuries, much to Gamora’s despair). Using the engines of other ships while also emptying out the Milano to lighten the load, the Guardians manage to find a way to escape the creature, but it still pursues them, forcing Drax to seemingly sacrifice himself to let the others escape or Groot (Adam Harrington) being severely injured in the process.

With the team in disarray, members leave the group. However, after seeing the devastation they are partially responsible for (and being confronted by Bal-Dinn if he was revived), Peter, with help from Mantis, decides to unite the Guardians back together and defeat Hala. If Peter allowed Drax to sacrifice himself earlier, he finds that he is alive and rescues him from the planet. After finding and convincing the other members to rejoin, they formulate an attack on Hala’s ship to stop her from destroying Knowhere. After placing charges on the main cannons (as well as fighting Nebula if she was told to leave earlier), the Guardians battle and defeat Hala, with her destroying the ship when she attempts to fire them. In the aftermath, Hala either is handed over to Bal-Dinn or the Nova Corps to stand trial, or dies from either Bal-Dinn killing her or the remnants of the Eternity Forge taking her life.

Having once again saved the Galaxy, the Guardians celebrate having defeated Hala at the same bar; their tab having been muted by saving both it and Knowhere. Mantis offers Peter the opportunity to talk to his mother or use the last of the Eternity Forge’s power to resurrect one of the people who they have lost – Peter’s mom, Lylla, Nebula, or Kamaria, depending on if the Eternity Forge was destroyed or empowered in the temple. During the midst of the celebrations, the Guardians are once again contacted by the Nova Corps, asking them to help with another situation.